What's going on?


There are a large number of activities which the church and individual members undertake in their desire to serve the Lord in this place. This page lists some of these so that you might see where you might fit into the life of Holme Christian Fellowship (HCF)

At the centre of all the church activities is the desire to serve the Lord and we encourage a strong prayer life for all church members. We believe that this comes from a desire to hear from our Lord as well as convey our own wishes to Him.  

Healing - One thing which is particularly important is the ministry of healing.. There are opportunities to be prayed for in every meeting. 

Most people in HCF can testify to receiving healing from the Lord.

If you have a prayer request or would like to talk to someone, please either call our pastor Robert on 01430 860997 or send an Email to robert.templey3@btinternet.com 

On the third Wednesday of each month from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm the Coffee Shop is open for people to visit for a confidential chat and prayer for healing.

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Sunday Service - This meeting starts at 10.30 am and normally finiishes at 12.30 pm and includes

A time of sharing what God has been doing 

An extended period of worship

Ministering to people who are sick

Opportunities for prophecies and use of other gifts of the Holy Spirit

A Bible based message

Communion - open to anyone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ

In a month where there is a 5th Sunday, we have a family lunch together. On other Sundays we have light refreshments following the meeting above.

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A Cafe Service is held from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm on the 4th Sunday of each month in The Coffee Shop. 

This is specifically designed for people who are seeking to find out what church is about. 

Each meeting has a specific focus subject.


HCF support missionaries working with the poor and needy in many countries. In Greece.we support a community church in Athens.

In India, Philippines, and Romania support is channelled through the UK charity AMEN. 

Apart from financial support we also provide second hand furniture and household equipment and act as a centre for the AMEN family Christmas Shoebox appeal.

HCF is a supporter of the village foodbank


Day and weekend Special Events - have been held in recent years. In 2020 an extensive programme has been organised, BUT the lockdown of UK because of the virus makes makes it unclear when such events can continue.

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Seeking the heart of God for our region

Prayer for revival

Weekend  Festval to bring spiritual refreshment


There are three churches in Holme on Spalding Moor, All Saints (C of E), the HOSM Methodist and Holme Christian FellowshipCF. There is very good fellowship between the churches. We work together on school assemblies, governship of the village school, and hold three "Songs of Praise" - including Christmas Carols and Candlelight, Sizzle and Sing (BBQ based)  




Pastor: Robert Templey Tel: 01430 860997 Email:robert.templey3@btinternet.com

Holme Christian Fellowship is an independent evangelical church,

part of the Groundlevel network and members of the Evangelical Alliance..

Registered English charity Ref: 1109666